Discussion board for your online subjects

The discussion board for your subject allows you to communicate with your tutor and other students. The Discussion Board is an asynchronous communication tool, which means that you can post and read messages at any time. Regular participation in online discussions is one of the most effective ways to consolidate your knowledge and build your skills.

Please feel free to share links to resources with your fellow students through the discussion board.

Your contributions to the Discussion Board

The discussion board will be organized into threads (conversations within a topic). Your subject coordinator or tutor may create new threads throughout the semester, as you cover new topics. You can also post new thread to start discussion topics, create posts within discussion topics, and reply to existing posts. To participate effectively, we encourage you to:

  • Participate regularly and frequently on the discussion board

    Contribute to the initial post(s) early on, and subsequent responses to other students' posts at timely intervals throughout the duration of the subject. Revisiting threads regularly will help maintain ongoing dialogue and discussion. It will also help you and other students with knowledge progression.

  • Ensure that your posts are grammatically correct and concise

    Keep in mind that fellow students will be reading and responding to you, too. Brevity and clarity will make it easier for readers to accurately interpret your meaning. Make sure that your sentences are free of grammatical, structural, and spelling errors. Keep each post and response to one or two short paragraphs.

  • Confirm that your posts are thorough and thoughtful

    Ask questions developed during the subject that cannot be readily answered by listening to the presentations, literature or resources provided. Include examples, experiences, or references, from movies, books, social media, etc. to support your point.

    You can also post provocative and thought provoking ideas that you find interesting and relevant to the subject, if you would like to get other student and the tutor's perspectives.

  • Answer questions raised by other students or by the tutor

    This is especially important if you have found answers in literature or resources that you have been reading that extends on the group's understanding of the subject. Comments such as "I agree" or "Good idea" might be encouraging, but they do not stimulate further discussion.

    Collegial debate can be a valuable experience in online learning, but be considerate of how your words or phrases might affect others.