Whether you attend a ceremony or graduate in absentia, here’s what you need to know about graduation and academic statements.


If you are completing a masters degree, you can attend your graduation ceremony alongside other online and on-campus students graduating from your course.  Find out more about graduation ceremonies.

If you are undertaking a graduate certificate or diploma you cannot attend a ceremony, but will graduate in absentia.


If you cannot or do not wish to attend a graduation ceremony you can graduate in absentia, and receive your official graduation certificate via mail. Find out more about graduating in absentia.


The following academic statements are available to you either during your course or upon graduation:

  • Academic transcript: An official record of your studies, including all of courses and subjects you have taken and results you obtained. Find out how and when you can order an academic transcript.
  • Graduation certificate: A certificate commemorating your graduation, listing your name, degree title and date of graduation (not your results or individual subjects). You will receive your graduation certificate at your ceremony, or we will post it to you after the ceremony if you are not attending. Find out more about the graduation certificate.
  • Evidence of qualification: The Evidence of qualification letter is an official University statement that organisations may need to verify your University of Melbourne qualification. Find out about the evidence of qualification.

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