Face-to-face courses for medical professionals

Develop recognised expertise in clinical education theory, practice and research

Designed for health professionals who are actively involved in the development and delivery of education in their workplace, the Master of Clinical Education will provide valuable insight and experience in clinical education theory, practice and research. Participants can progress from a graduate certificate right up to the masters.

Delivery: Face-to-face semi-intensive workshop

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Develop your clinical research career

Designed for clinicians and health professionals who are seeking a career in clinical research, the Master of Clinical Research is designed to provide expertise on conducting research in clinical settings. As an alternative, you may be interested in the Specialist Certificate in Clinical Research (Neuroscience).

Delivery: Online and face-to-face intensive workshop and seminar format

Enrich your practice with offender populations

Enhance your practice with the concepts, issues and training and assessment required for managing forensic disability populations with the Specialist Certificate in Criminology (Forensic Disability).

Designed for professionals who work with sexual offenders, but who may lack the clinical qualifications to support their practices, the Specialist Certificate in Criminology (Sexual Offender Management) will give you the required knowledge about sexual offenders and case management practice approaches, together with practical skills in the assessment and effective management of this complex and difficult offender population.

Delivery: Face-to-face intensive

A leadership course designed for clinicians

Designed specifically for mid-senior healthcare professionals and clinicians, the Specialist Certificate in Clinical Leadership has been designed to provide clinicians with the skills they need to improve their organisation, develop and implement change, promote treatment quality and safety excellence within healthcare settings.

Delivery: Face-to-face intensive

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