Cancer Nursing

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Deliver the best level of care to cancer patients

  • Understand the theoretical knowledge and scientific advances that underpin cancer care management
  • Improve your therapeutic communication skills
  • Enhance your capability to deliver high-quality care and increase your employability as a specialist cancer nurse

Cancer Nursing Program

The University of Melbourne’s Specialist Certificate and Graduate Certificate courses in Cancer Nursing will help you understand the complex needs of those affected by cancer so you can provide the highest level of care at all stages of the cancer journey.

Our courses will ensure you have the knowledge and skills to deliver the best level of care by developing your theoretical understanding of the pathophysiology of cancer and carcinogenesis, and the principles of diagnosis and treatment planning, acute and delayed side effects and how to prepare, support and assess people affected by cancer.

The courses facilitate close engagement with academics and experts, and you will develop and share knowledge among a dynamic group of peers – both in-person and online.

Work-integrated learning model

Our teaching model for nursing specialty graduate certificates is unique to the University of Melbourne. In a work-integrated learning framework, you will undertake online study and face-to-face classes, as well as clinical supervision in your own hospital environment. This model is designed to maximise your learning, clinically and theoretically. Consequently, you must seek support from your health service to undertake the course.

To be eligible for this course, you must be nominated by your hospital to support you to undertake the clinical practice component of the course. Speak with your Education Manager or Clinical Nurse Educator to confirm that your hospital is willing to support your clinical supervision.

Download a course guide

Key dates

Course Applications close Start date
Graduate Certificate in Cancer Nursing 25 May, 2020 Winter intake
15 June, 2020
Specialist Certificate in Cancer Nursing 25 May, 2020 Winter intake
15 June, 2020

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