Master of Applied Data Analytics

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In a data-driven world become a specialist in analytics technology.

A future-focused course

Designed to meet the growing need for information analysis across various sectors and to fill the gaps for skilled professionals with the ability to analyse data, this course will equip you to:

  • Derive key insights and measure the impact of data analytics
  • Use data to make informed business decisions and gain commercial advantage
  • Confidently communicate analytical findings to clients, colleagues, executives and key decision makers.

The Master of Applied Data Analytics is designed to meet a rapidly growing market demand for skilled professionals who have the ability to apply analytics solutions to real-world operational and strategic issues.

Offered completely online, this course draws on evidence-based practice to develop your understanding of analytics technology – its capabilities, its limits and its pitfalls. You will develop the skills and expertise to harness the potential of data in an area of specialisation and learn to apply techniques that will directly influence and impact key decisions in your area of specialisation.

Choose from four specialisations

The Master of Applied Data Analytics caters to the following disciplines:

  • Health
  • Urban and Environment
  • Psychology
  • Education.

When you study the Master of Applied Data Analytics, you have a choice of exit pathways. This means you can choose to finish early and complete either a Graduate Certificate in Applied Data Analytics or a Professional Certificate in Applied Data Analytics.

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