Turnitin student guides

Turnitin is a web-based software that reviews your submission for similar or copied content. To check for content similarity, the software compares your work with content across the Internet, several databases and other students’ works that have previously been submitted to Turnitin.

This software is used by the University of Melbourne since July 2004 as a measure to identify and prevent plagiarism. Turnitin does not identify if a student’s work is plagiarised. It only highlights parts and sections in the submitted work that match other sources. Based on the similarity report that Turnitin provides, your tutors assess if plagiarism has occurred.

For your assessments, you will be required to use Turnitin to submit your work, complete a peer review of other students' submissions if suggested and view your feedback and originality reports. The following Turnitin student guides written by technical experts at the University’s Learning Environments can help you:

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