English language skills

At the graduate level, you are expected to develop advanced skills in reading and evaluating information. You will be asked to present validating arguments and to communicate your findings and understanding of a subject or discipline.

The Academic Skills experts at the University have developed the following resources to help you improve your English language capabilities and get the most out of your graduate study experience.


DELA is an assessment tool that evaluates your strengths and weaknesses in academic reading, writing and listening. (Refer to the DELA handbook to familiarise yourself with the type of questions and format you can expect from the DELA evaluation.)

If you want to know more, you can find answers to some common questions about the assessment on the DELA FAQs page.

Grammar and sentence structure

  1. The Guide to Grammar & Writing website is an excellent, free online resource for improving your grammatical accuracy.
  2. Use the Library help sheet on grammar essentials to identify common grammatical mistakes, important grammatical rules and get some useful tips on writing in English.
  3. Read and attempt the exercise in the Library help sheet on articles to learn when you must (and when there’s no need to) use what are known as articles – “a”, “an” and “the”. The guide also shows you how you to check your writing for proper use of articles.
  4. Refer to the Library help sheet on punctuation to understand where you should place a comma, semi-colon, hyphen, dash, quotation mark or capital letter in your sentences.
  5. Learn about the correct use of apostrophes with the help of the Library help sheet on apostrophes.
  6. Study the Library help sheet on verb tenses to understand the correct use of tense in a sentence.

Editing your writing

  1. Attempt the identifying errors activity on the University's AIRport website to learn how you can proofread your writing and recognise any grammatical mistakes.
  2. Use the editing activity on the AIRport website to practise your editing skills.

Further reading resources


  1. Refer to the Academic Skills speaking clearly guide to learn techniques that will help advance your English pronunciation and speech skills.
  2. Access the following video series from Academic Skills to practise stress patterns in words and improve your confidence in speaking: