Technical requirements and software

Find out all you need to know about technical requirements, software and setting up your system.

Personal computer

We recommend a personal computer for your online studies. If you are planning to use a public computer, be aware that you may encounter problems gaining permission to download some of the essential programs and plug-ins.

Some online content and tools will not display correctly on smaller screens.

Internet connection

To get the most out of your online studies, a high-speed, reliable broadband internet connection is essential.

Headphones and microphone

You must have access to headphones and a microphone to participate in webinars (interactive online classes involving your peers and your tutor) throughout your course. A microphone may also be needed for some assessment pieces.

Web browser

You will need one of the following web browsers to access the learning management system (LMS) and Turnitin assignment submissions. We can offer support for the current release and one previous release of:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Canvas does not support Internet Explorer.


You will need to enable Javascript in your browser to view videos as well as take part in webinars.

If you use a screen reader, please note that Canvas supports JAWS and NVDA in Firefox only. Canvas also supports VoiceOver in Safari.

For regularly updated information on Canvas browser support, please refer to Canvas' Supported browsers and Basic computer specifications pages.

Adobe Reader plugin

Please ensure you download and install Adobe Reader on your computer. If you have trouble viewing PDF files, the Adobe help file - configure browser to use the Adobe PDF plug-in can guide you in resolving the issue.

Student email

By now you will have activated your student email. That’s important because all email contact from the University of Melbourne will be via your student account.

To access your student email account, log in to my.unimelb and click the email icon. For additional information on your student email account, refer to the University student email section on the ask.unimelb website.

You must check your University email account at least twice per week, including during University breaks and leave periods.


While a printer is not required, you may wish to have access to a printer to print out your learning materials, readings list, discussions or other useful information in your LMS.


Operating system

Use the what's my OS tool to find out which operating system you’re currently using.

For regularly updated information on Canvas' technical requirements, please refer to their Basic computer specifications page.


You can now upgrade your system to the all new Windows 10 for free. Use your Unimelb student email account to register yourself on the University’s WebStore.

After you complete your registration, you can download a copy of Windows 10. You will receive a unique retail license key to install the system on your computer.

For support with registration or installation, or for more information about the validity period on Windows 10, refer to the Help section of the WebStore. If the topic you need assistance with is not listed under Browse Help Topics, use the Search option to look for that topic.

The minimum operating system that will allow you to participate fully in online study is Windows XP.


The minimum operating system that will allow you to participate fully in online study is Mac OS 10.6.

Find out how to get software updates for your Mac (Apple website).

Microsoft Office

As a student at the University of Melbourne, you can enjoy free online access to the latest Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications. These include Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and others.

Refer to the FAQs page for Microsoft Office 365 to learn how you can subscribe to this service and install applications on your system and mobile devices. Don't forget to read what happens to the subscription after you complete your online graduate study at the University.

Virus protection

We recommend installing virus protection software to ensure your computer is not vulnerable to viruses or spyware.

Library search tools

The Library publishes a handy guide of search tools and apps that may assist in your resource searches.

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